In appreciation of an Astronaut  

If the only achievement that matters to the universe is advancing life itself in some capacity, Harry Pearson was an astronaut. He showed us a whole new universe, one that yielded passions, careers and even companies. And yet he left with nothing more than he came with. Even those who found him controversial, discovered that at the end of it all, they gained far more from him than he from them. To quote a line from one of his favorite films that laconically describes his story, in his style: “I beg you to believe my reputation, I am a constant soldier, a sometime poet and I will be king”

 He was already a king, he had won the race; Harry even had the home of dreams, when he decided to become a soldier, and throw it all back in for something he believed in and a concept still not mainstream, even in high-end audio- 'enthralling sound'. Every room in Xanadu was volunteered for the war effort and expanding our horizons and vocabulary, we were even the ultimate beneficiaries of that writing room with a view of the water, necessary for evoking the passions that triggered an industry.

 He won another war, the rarest of them all, to be one’s self all the way to the end, free of all influence, never letting anything else define him, and to his own detriment, never surrendering honesty for appeasement nor gain.

 Here’s to you Astronaut;

If no one joins your cause, proudly march alone.

When they all turn against you, march alone.

When no one will light a treacherous path,

use the flame in your heart and light the way for others.

When you look back, the world will be following you…..


Comments from Friends

A note below from Paul Bolin, who was moved by Harry to become a reviewer.

 “Harry Pearson was one of a kind - an uncompromising man with a profound vision, which he had the great good fortune to turn into a reality.  He lived his life as he saw fit, without equivocation.  He was, by turns, inspiring, infuriating, imperious and generous, egotistical and profoundly supportive.  We shall not see his like again, and he will be deeply missed by the entire high end community.  For without him, there would have been no us.

 Paul B”


There has been only one HP – at least in my experience.  His writing, more than any other factor, is why I got hooked on HiFi in the 70’s!  His talent and insight so captured my attention as a young man (who simply loved music) that I was compelled to investigate the differences in the whole chain of music system components.  It was because of Harry that I began to understand that there were reasons other than listed specifications that were measured and published by the other “review” magazines which we were all exposed to in the 70’s.  I became so intrigued by the puzzle of how to make great, or “Absolute,” sound that I got into the business – first with retail specialty stores, then eventually as a manufacturer: Dunlavy Audio Labs in 1992 and BAT in 1995.

Harry Pearson opened my eyes (and ears) to HIFi in a way that no one before him ever had.  I owe him a lot.


Geoffrey Poor
Director of Sales, Balanced Audio Technology

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